Welcome to HalfMyStory! What you see here is absolutely real, and still it’s not.

Stories speak to us, don’t they? They give us hope, lift us up, tear us down and then remake us. HalfMyStory is about hope.

From what we think is our life experiences, we tend to create a rough idea of how our lives are going to be. And the image isn’t always adventurous and thrilling, or even fulfilling. In fact, it’s often mundane. We fail to visualise everyday how our perfect life will look like.

HalfMyStory documents people’s lives, their story stories up to right now, till they’ve been interviewed by HalfMyStory. Till today. And then? To give them a new perspective on how many bizarre ways life can pan out, as a writer, I fiction-ise the rest of their years.

Life is beyond our control. What’s in control is this moment. Don’t limit yourself to your past. Why have you defined your future with your limitations of today? Rise up, go after life, chase it. Be inspired by someone else’s half story first, then contact us to have your own HalfMyStory created.

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